Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three weeks down!

My first stitch fell out today! Hurray!! I was brushing my teeth and noticed that one of the stitches was hanging down really low, so I went to move it and it just fell into my hand! Hurray! Hurray! And, like always, just as I complain about how bad everything hurts, I get some relief today. My hip has come a long ways in the past two days - the only thing holding me back is the incision healing now - it is unwilling to stretch out, which makes walking down hills and down stairs uncomfortable. But the muscles seem to be back where they're supposed to go! Must be thanks to all that walking I've been doing!

Some nerves must be regenerating in my face and in the roof of my mouth - I have crazy itching in my chin - and I go to scratch it and I can't feel anything and the feeling is gone. Kooky. And the roof of my mouth kind of feels like it's on fire. It doesn't hurt much, but it's really, really odd.

One thing that has me slightly worried (not TOO much) is my overbite is starting to come back a little bit, which I think is why my jaw has been hurting so much. I used to bite down straight on my lower braces (ouch, as well), but now I don't quite get there. I'm not terribly worried about a relapse at this point, and I'm sure it can be fixed with different rubber bands... but I was hoping to lose the front rubber bands at my next appointment - as they are the most noticeable and the ones that make my speech unclear.

On a closing note... I really, REALLY need to stop watching the food network. I'm dying. :)

Oh! And new pictures today (to celebrate week 3 being over). I'm really starting to look like a human again (phew!).


Claudia said...

keep up the awesome job! Everyday you're one step closer to full recovery!

nabukay said...

wow can't believe its been over 20 days already. yay, really happy to see this. its been a couple of weeks since i checked on everyone and can't believe how much i have missed. don't worry about your jaw elastics fix that up quite well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph! You're looking better each time! Don't worry about the overbite thing. I had the same feelings and worries and it's all normal. Your bite is just settling into place. Mine felt like it shifted right around the 2-3 week mark as well. I still have a little bit of an overbite, but it's very small and they intended to line things up that way. Orthodontics will take care of the rest...same will be true for you. :)

Avy said...

You're looking great - the swelling has come down a fair bit since your last pics! And my mouth felt so good once the stitches fell out too.

Melinda said...

That chin really is amazing! It's crazy b/c as the swelling is going down you look more like you...and not like you! Just like you were saying...keep up the good healing! :)

J said...

Hello Stephanie,

I have been following your blog for a few months and it has been very insightful. You are looking fantastic and I hope you love the result!

I am looking forward to having orthognathic surgery probably around September. (Still deciding on a Doc.) I also have maxillary excess, but the right side is several more millimeters in length than the left. Therefore, when I bite on the right side, it looks like I have a recessed jaw and a bad over bite because it pushes my lower jaw down and at an angle.

I wanted to give you some tips on skin care. Use 2% Salicylic Acid face wash no more than twice a day (pHisoderm is a cheap brand.) I HIGHlY recommend also using Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Formuala with cotton balls in an upward circular, it is an astringent that doesn't dry out your skin no matter how much you use it.

If you have some annoying blemishes; after a shower, take a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and lightly run it over the affected areas for 30-60 seconds. Avoid the very sensitive skin that is an inch around your eyes and around the nasolabial area because it will dry it out and become chapped!

I also love, love, love Clean & Clear 10% Benzoyl Peroxide (cheap brands dry out too much and Clearasil adds parabens.) Rub it in after cleaning but also the avoid eye and nasolabial areas. After it drys, use a sunscreen/moisturizer that doesn't have parabens in it (Parabens are waxes that clog pores.)

And as for make-up, the best foundation I have found is Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light, Regular Double Wear is way too thick, the light formula has 10 SPF and no parabens! Estee Lauder is expensive but will last almost a year.

If you ever do get dry skin, do not, DO NOT use a scrubbing cleanser! Use warm shower or sink water and your clean finger tips. It may take longer than a scrub but it is The Best abrasive that doesn't force skin to come off when it isn't ready AND it doesn't cost a thing! Also, if you have scabs from a blemish don't pull it off because it may scar.