Friday, July 3, 2009

the good and the bad - early day 3

I have to say that this surgery (so far) has been easier than expected. I have the normal goods and bads...


  • I slept for almost 4 hours in a row last night in my comfy chair. This is so far superior to that awful hospital bed propped up with pillows.
  • My throat is feeling a little better this morning.

  • I am feeling less "out of it" than I was yesterday

  • My pain is being controlled by motrin!

  • I have not thrown up, or even FELT like throwing up yet! Hurray, doctors :)
  • Breathing is not as easy as I would like it to be. This is a new development as my swelling has taken (yet another, hopefully the last?) turn for the worst - my left side is much more swollen than my right, and it's kind of pushing over my nasal passage on that side. I don't feel like I'm choking or anything, just don't quite feel comfortable and don't quite feel like I'm getting enough air. But don't worry, Kate... my lips aren't blue :)

  • This swelling is hardcore uncomfortable! I kind of feel like my face is made of silly putty that's been stretched a little too far.

  • I'm hungry (duh). Now that I'm off of the clear-liquid stuff I drank a nice glass of muscle milk and it actually took the edge off, but I'm still hungry!
  • Eating takes WAY too much energy. Before I can actually stave off any hunger, I'm too worn out to continue eating. Blegh!

  • I really can't stand the taste of the pain meds - they're all so cloying I feel like I'm choking every time I take them. I found that the infant motrin you only have to take 7.5ml of it to get the 500 mg they want, instead of the 30ml in the kid's motrin - I'm sure it will cost more, but at this point I'm not sure I care.

So, it's not too bad. Had a really rough go of it last night around 10ish because Nick and I accidently got my pain meds (demerol) mixed up with my anti-nausea medication... so instead of taking a normal (5ml) dose of pain meds, I took a not-even half dose of my anti-nausea medication (which is supposed to be 12.5ml). Oops! Woke up in CONSIDERABLE pain, but I took tylenol at the same time.

Instead of making this a mile-long post, I'll post another post on my hospital day :)
Day 3 pictures:


Katherine (Kate) said...

Phew! The only blueness allowed is on those lovely cheeks, haha.

Everything will feel like a struggle, and just a bit harder than you think it should.... push through it...this time next week you'll already be blocking alot of it out. Drinking will be easier, the sore throat will be WAY better...

Oh my goodnes YES those liquid meds SUCK! At first I was all "oh, what pleasant childhood nastalgia!" which quickly turned into a battle of wills: Hubby coming at me with the syringe and me hollering "NO! You can't MAKE me!" (though to be honest, probably not so much holler and a lot more mumble/gargle/sputter/hack).

So good to hear the hospital experience was smooth and well-organized! Definitely a good bonus, right there. And Motrin controlled? Sweet! Really is awkward to explain the pain vs overall discomfort feeling, no? And no puking? AWESOME!!

Hope the hip isn't giving you too much grief. Are the meds able to help with that? Did you find out where they put that graft?

You're doing awesome, Steph! Hang in there through the next few days while the swelling does it's craziness. So cool as it starts to receed and you're introduced to the new bone structure beneath~ so cool :)

Rainne said... weren't kidding. The swelling is QUITE impressive.

Melinda said...

Chipmunk cheeks! All your blog friends are going to think I'm incredibly insensitive...I hope you know me well enough to know I'm not. :)