Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 12

Day 12 rocked my socks again. I'm finally starting to look and feel like myself. I still have very little energy - a trip to the store wipes me out, eating a full meal wipes me out, pretty much doing anything other than sitting wipes me out. I'm hoping to start going for walks soon to get some of it back. My hip is finally starting to feel more normal (though, the insicion is CRAZY! It's probably 3 inches long) and is easier to walk on - so time to start getting out there!

Finally weighed myself today... almost 10 pounds down. I'm disappointed at myself - I thought I was doing so much better at getting calories in! It'll all come back once I can start eating again, and it's probably all that muscle I had built up to run my half marathon. Argh!

Feeling is coming back in my face except for my chin and mouth area. My bottom lip is really bothering me - it just sits there, and is sitting lower than it used to so it's being annoyed by my braces quite a lot.

The pain in my jaw has decreased a lot. I get terrible, terrible shooting pains when I try to close my teeth together (which I do in my sleep and that wakes me up - ow!), but for the most part my jaw doesn't feel so unstable anymore - which is a huge relief!

Eating has been going so well! I really recommend the Magic Bullet blender - not because it's an amazing blender that can blend anything in three pulses (HA!), but because it's so darned convenient. It is a good little blender and all of the cups have been really nice for me - I blend up whatever soup I want to drink, throw it in the microwave, and can drink it without getting another bowl dirty. It's easy to clean, too. Fantastic. Today I ate cheesecake filling (bought from the store) blended up with fresh strawberries - it was SO GOOD! Made my day (for real, that's all it takes).

Okay, pictures for today (no more bruise pictures because they're pretty much gone now):


changes911 said...

I just wanted to say that you documenting how you are doing and feeling day to day is really insirpinng! It makes me feel that I can atleast have a little inkling of what to expect when it's my turn.
I also want to add that you are doing so good! Your bruising is disapearing by the day, and you are up and around and moving even though you have that 3 inch scar incision on your hip. Keep it up! :)

Melinda Renee said...

I ♥ my bullet!!! And you're so right, it doesn't blend ANYTHING in one-two-three seconds, stupid time-lapse television.

Keep up the good work, Steph, you'll get there!

Anya said...

I am so happy to see that you are doing better. It's nice to know that things eventually go the right way. You look great. Your swelling is really going down.

mcgee33 said...

You do look beautiful Steph! I'm so glad you are doing well and on the other side. It's just recovering from here out! What an amazing trip you're on!

sjp said...

Steph, I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better and more comfortable. Your energy will come back soon, getting up and walking around will help tremendously now that your hip is healing!

I have the same issue with my bottom lip. I still don't have 100% feeling back and I often bite my lip without realizing it, creating quite a sore on the inside of my gum. Grrr.