Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 31

Since my workout went so well on Wednesday, I was excited to get back to the gym again yesterday and work a little harder... BIG mistake. I went for 45 minutes and kept the resistance the same, just went a little harder... I didn't really notice how dizzy and sick I was feeling until I got off the bike and almost fell over. I went back to the bike for a few minutes and pretended to read a magazine that was on the floor until I felt good enough to walk to my car, and then spent another 10 minutes in my car waiting until I felt well enough to drive home. Moral of the story: even if it feels good, don't push it. Yikes. I'm going back this evening, but will definitely pay more attention to my body and make sure I stay within my limits.

I keep forgetting to mention it, but I'm finally sleeping through the night regularly. It's been probably 5-6 nights in a row now - wahoo! A lot of this has to do with my lessened dependency on pain killers - I'm down to taking tylenol/ ibuprofen once or twice a day now, instead of every 4-6 hours.

I have much more energy during the days now, I can eat more, I'm in pain much less, and I can concentrate better. I'm still more scatterbrained than normal, but it's starting to come to an end. Thank goodness!

Also, I am so grateful that, as a teacher, I didn't have to rush back into the classroom just 3-4 weeks after surgery. While all of the things (more energy, less pain, more eating) are very true, it still takes me 45 minutes or more to get through a normal (read: non-liquid) meal. I still wear out easily. I can not talk for very long before my jaw starts to get tired and spasm like crazy. I think that in a month from now I'll be much healthier and ready to teach, but I sure wouldn't be right now.


Kiwikaren said...

It's great to read that you're feeling so much better Steph! Thanks for sharing your progress, as it's good to read about how things are changing for you.

Take good care and please don't push too hard, as you've made huge improvements ... and the rest will happen ... it will!

Take care!

changes911 said...

Just out of curiosity, I know that you are a music teacher, have you tried playing your clairanet yet? Are you now allowed to or are you just not ready? You seem like you are getting throught he recovery of this surgery so well! I'm glad!

Kelly said...

That's the one thing I worry about. I am giving myself 4 weeks, but I still worry that will not be enough. I am an accountant and at least will be able to sit all day, unlike a teacher (I know, how much you guys are on your feet as my sister is a first grade teacher). But, I guess if worse comes to worst, I will just have to take more time off. I am not going to force anything. Anyway, it sounds like you are really starting to feel a lot better. Thank you for sharing all your experiences and being so honest. It helps me to better understand what to expect.

stephanie said...

I haven't tried my clarinet yet and I'm not allowed to yet because of the immense amount of backpressure it creates inside of the mouth. I'm not sure when I'll be able to - it's on my list of questions for my appointment in a week and a half.

Kelly - I am going back to my starbucks job this week after 4 weeks off and I'm not worried much about that. Teaching music, however, I would be worried about.