Monday, December 29, 2008

ready for the next year

I have goals. Before my surgery, I am determined to do the following:

1) Keep healthy. I have been more susceptible to colds and flu's this year than ever before. I know it's probably due to all of the new germs at a new school, but I would like to be better about taking vitamins to do some preventative work.

2) Get healthier. I'd like to get back into running - I ran a 10k just two months ago, but then with my new job and all this illness and jaw pain and migraines I've let my training slack. I'm not terribly overweight, but I know that excess weight can hinder recovery and your reaction to anesthesia.

3) Stop complaining and focusing on pain. Now that I am in an upswing and have started to be able to control my migraines and extreme jaw pain, I need to stop focusing on it. It has [unfortunately] become a part of my life, and I need to get over it - it'll make me a happier person.

4) Find foods that are both sore jaw friendly and healthy OTHER than soup or anything that resembles soup. I am 6 or 7 months away from surgery and I already despise the stuff. I eat it every day for at least one meal, sometimes two. I need to figure out how to get more vegetables and fruits in without causing more pain. (And of course, soup is the best way. UGH!).

5) Become more familiar with the surgery I am about to undertake. I'd like to know exactly what's going to happen inside of my mouth so I can prepare myself as best I can. I especially want to research more about wind instrument playing after surgery.

Here's to a good next six or seven months.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tired of braces

I've been really tired of my braces lately. I'm ticked off that I can't eat all of the yummy holiday candy (between the jaw and the braces, I seem to be out of luck for most of my favorites), I am beyond tired of brushing my teeth, I am sick of fishing out food for hours every time I decide to be brave and bite into something head on, and I am for some reason developing more and more little ulcers in my mouth.

For a while the braces didn't bother me - in fact, for a good six months I barely noticed they were there! But suddenly, in the past month they feel huge in my mouth - almost like when I first got them on. No real pain coming from my teeth, but my lips don't seem to fit around them as well as they used to. And combined with all these random sores inside of my mouth, it's really annoying!!

And I'll probably be in braces for the next Christmas season as well. Sucky.

Monday, December 15, 2008

'tis the season

It's the season of performances for musicians and music teachers, so I'll admit to being a blogging slacker - but I have a good reason. I performed or conducted seven times last week PLUS I'm dealing with the car wreck, continued jaw pain, and a huge cold. But now I'm only three and a half days away from winter vacation, so things are looking lovely.

I'm fine from the car wreck, I've just got nasty little whiplash in my neck. My jaw did not take to a car wreck lightly, but the stronger muscle relaxant for my neck has made it manageable.

Odd braces story (which we all love).... I was working at the 'bux last week, helping customers and putting away the order when a lady came up to me and asked for help. She was deaf, but could read lips: however, she could NOT read mine for some reason - after about three solid minutes of trying to explain that she needed a gift receipt for any returns with no luck I got my manager - it took Jen less than 30 seconds and all was well. I can't figure it out except for that I stretch my lips over my braces when I talk, and it must have muddled my "speech."

Weird, huh?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


After all of that "I'm not getting headaches!" and "Hurray for less pain" I go and get myself into a car accident. I have a stinkin' concussion and my neck and back are already stiffening up and I'm frankly pissed.

My fault, too. Ugh.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

doctor visit

I had an intake appointment yesterday and had a long conversation about my jaw pain and headaches with my new primary care physician. She has decided to prescribe me the same muscle relaxants for the next 7 months until my jaw surgery. She is worried about my body adjusting to the medication and addiction, but we both decided that those risks were smaller than dealing with the long, intense migraines of the past few months. I guess I'll deal with the addiction bit once I get past the surgery....

I have REALLY noticed a difference now that I'm on muscle relaxants and doing acupuncture... I have less jaw pain than before, especially while playing my clarinet. I have only had three migraines in the two weeks since getting started on them, and each of those migraines lasted less than a day. I am able to get through my 5th period class without being in considerable pain (it is my last period of the day, and usually the most painful).

Good news.