Wednesday, June 25, 2008

first cleaning in braces

I had my first cleaning with braces today - not as pleasant as Katherines, let me tell you. I was nervous going in - my teeth are pretty sensitive, my gums are practically triple the size they're supposed to be, and I don't really like cleanings to begin with.

Well, the technician did as best as she could - which was really good, except for my lip kept getting caught between my braces and her hand or the applicance she was using. And MAN are those teeth sensitive when they are being picked at (and picked and picked at).

She said I was keeping my teeth "super clean." Which I'm glad for - I was really worried that the true reason for my gums being swollen was my lack of teeth-brushing skills. I'm doing everyhing right, except for the slight coffee stains and the weird discoloring between by bottom front two teeth. They gave me a really cool paste to put on before I go to sleep at night (yes, yes, yet another aspect for my nightly cleaning regimine) that should strengthen the enamel and add minerals back into my teeth.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

adjustment time

I had an adjustment this afternoon. I got my first set of square (rectangular?) wires, and I am hurting already. It seems like every tooth is throbbing, my head is full of pressure, and the roof of my mouth feels like it's going to crack open.

Wahoo! No pain, no gain.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I got a call for an interview today. It's Monday morning. Why do I let a little bit of metal on my teeth turn me into a nervous idiot? If they like me, they will look past the braces.

Sometimes I really hate braces. They are able to kill the little self-esteem I have. Every time I smile without thinking, I cringe. I have a big smile - I always have, and I've always loved it - crooked teeth and jaw and everything. Now that it's beneath five pounds of tin it's jarring and disgusting, and once you add in my swollen gums it's atrocious.


Monday, June 9, 2008


I can't believe it's spring outside. It is pouring down rain, it's freezing cold, and the wind is blowing so hard that our lights are flickering on and off. It's June! Come on!

It's been a while since I've updated - too busy, per usual. I've had a lot on my plate - played in a few concerts, conducted a few performances, ran a 5k, flew to Denver to swing dance, caught another terrible cold... The teeth progress has been minimal, but since it's been a while I thought I'd post some progress pictures.

The top teeth look almost exactly the same. My stubborn gums have only gotten worse, and I'm going to talk with my orthodontist again at my next appointment (next Thursday). My arches are continuing to round out, and I can feel the pressure almost every day. The back spaces in my lower arch continue to get smaller. My overbite gets bigger and bigger, however. It's really starting to look pretty funny! But the worse it gets now, the better my bite will be after surgery (right?! Right?!).

Does anyone else have problems with clenching at night? I am a mouth breather, or, was a mouth breather until braces. Now, I wake up with intense headaches because I've clenched the entire night. What brings this on? The ortho gave me a mouthguard, but it hasn't helped. It falls out or gags me at night, which I am especially prone to right now with this killer cold.

Okay, last question - have any of you out there had to change orthodontists? I love mine, but there's a small chance I'm moving to CA at the end of this year - my husband just got a new job. I'm not positive I'm moving with him yet, as I don't want to give up the school-district insurance that pays for my jaw surgeon that I have selected and not some army doctor. I'm not so trusting of the army doctors after my last experiences. Anyway, I was wondering how payment works - I'm paying on my braces now, but how would those payments transfer? Hmm....
Well, I'm off to nurse this cold in bed (I had a 102 degree fever a bit ago!).... it's the last week of school, so I don't have the option to take time off from work.