Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 13, down again

What a rollercoaster I'm on. While today wasn't as bad as many days have been in the past, it wasn't a very good day. I couldn't really get enough to eat and was pretty hungry all day, and I couldn't quite get the pain down today which is really frustrating.

When I'm talking about pain, I'm not talking about excruciating terrible pain. My sutures are painful - always kind of humming. My joint is always stiff and sore. The teeth that are being used to band me shut are sore from the constant tension on the rubber bands. My bottom lip kind of feels like it has a sunburn, I'm not sure why. So, in total, nothing is really TERRIBLE - it's just the constant buzz of it that wears me down - today more than yesterday.

Still only that one slight migraine in the entire 13 days. This has been such a fantastic change - my quality of life has been so different already - I am so excited!

I feel like I'm already getting more height in my jaw opening - I had no idea what to expect so I'll post a picture here. When my jaw first opened at the surgeon's office (when they de-banded me for the first time) it barely opened - much smaller than this. I have not been forcing it open in any way, but I think the joint is starting to become more mobile than it used to be. Anyway, the picture here is how far my jaw can currently open.

Pictures for today:


Discantus said...

Just wanted to say hang in there, you're doing fabulously and are an inspiration :)

I'm worn out just reading about all the recoveries that have been going on recently, but take heart in the fact the scariest/riskiest bit is over!

Melinda Renee said...

I bet your bottom lip is feeling sunburnt because the skin was stretched and then swollen, now it's sore and recovering. I recommend Chapstik All Naturals with aloe, that always helped me most when I had my face stretched for braces and such.

You're lookin' good, babe!!! Hope to see you at KT's on Saturday, but TOTALLY understand if you can't make it! xoxoxo

Melinda said...

Bummer about the down day...but maybe tomorrow will be even better by comparison!!! :) Keep healing!