Monday, July 21, 2008


After over 6 months in braces, I am still unsure of how to react to dreaded "braces comments." For instance, I was working at the 'bux a few days ago and some guy came up and in a big voice said "SOOOOOO... How're the BRACES?" And I just laughed nervously and said "fine." (He went on to tell me he had them for a long time, but still).

Or when one of my beloved, amazing coworkers asked me when I'd "have my smile back." It wasn't meant to be rude in any way, but come on! I realize my smile is marred by a pound of pokey steel.

I need to have a list made up in my head of comebacks, I think. I know someone out there has a witty response for "how are the braces doing" or "how are the teeth coming along" etc? I seem to get asked this weekly, at least, and I am always awkward in response.

PS. No posts lately because nothing is going on in my mouth. Lame-0.