Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 10 wasn't so good

Like I said in yesterday's post, I miss my bands. My jaw just doesn't feel right without them - and it's quite painful without them. Is this common?

Day 10 has been filled with a lot of pain (all taken care of with tylenol and ibuprofen, but only just). I didn't sleep all night last night because my jaw was unable to find a stable, comfortable position to rest - just one painful one after another. Once I got my husband's favorite pillow that's flat and mushy it helped a little. Also, heat has helped a little.

Eating is still very frustrating. I'm able to eat mush but am still mostly relying on the liquid diet to get the majority of my calories - I just finish up each "meal" with "eating" and "brushing"... all of which is fairly unsuccessful. Argh.

PS. And the inappropriate crying? It's getting annoying. :)

Day 10 pictures


V said...

... and so the frustration hits. Just remember it's totally normal, once all the excitement is out of the way to feel a rebound kinda low period.. It will get so much better, and soon, and you'll stop worrying about what position your jaw is in.. Even though it seems neverending!

You're doing great, pumpkin, hang in there! :) xxx

sjp said...

I cried all the time. Random tears that seemed to come from no where, when I couldn't brush my teeth properly, when I couldn't fall asleep or breathe or swallow... you name it, I cried about it. Like V said, all of these little things that you notice and worry about will soon become natural and a part of who you are and you won't even notice where you are trying to put your jaw. I promise it does end! You really look great, the swelling and bruises are going away and will be totally gone very soon! I'm thinking about you, Steph! You'll get through this!