Thursday, April 30, 2009

feeling better already

It all happened so fast today. I arrived with my best friend in tow - she came along for moral support - and I was allowed into the meeting, I met the 6 people (secretary, 4 board members, and the manager guy I've been working with), and they asked me to tell them a little about me. I pretty much summarized my appeal letter. They asked about the surgery procedure, recovery time (would I have to take time off work? No, it's during the summer), sick days, migraines, etc. They asked what I would do if the surgery wasn't approved - I told them I didn't know, and that medical loans or looking for other means would have to happen, as I couldn't wait. They asked about the insurance - and I told them that I qualified as medically necessary - which I DO! They asked about my surgeon being in-network - and she IS. So, to summarize, yes, it is just the contract exclusion barring me from the surgery.

So, it was all anti-climactic. I can call next Friday to find out the results - they can approve me in full, deny me in full, or approve me in part - like they would pay a portion of the costs.

As it always is, I can't imagine them deciding to deny the surgery that I so obviously need. But on the other hand, it's so damned expensive and I already know a handful of people being RIF-ed (reduction-in-force) from music jobs. It's not like they couldn't replace me.

So, if you're the praying type, continue those prayers. At least it's over. Maybe I'll sleep tonight? It feels good to have it done with. I keep wondering if I could have said more, what I should have said - but I was sitting at that table just trying not to cry. They have such a large amount of information that I'm not terribly worried about not saying enough - everything I said was in the packet they received.

Well, to be continued...


Katherine (Kate) said...

So good to have a friend go with~ moral support is HUGE!

Those prayers won't stop till this whole thing is over, right down to being thankful to see you smiling on the other side, no more migraines and this whole mess a LONGGGG ways behind you.

Hoping you can get that good nights sleep; a relief to at least have this hurdle behind you. It might feel anti-climactic, but it wasn't. This was a really important day and a lot of thought, time, energy ( to say nothing of the pain, heart and tears)went into it.Now you catch your breath again.

Sweet dreams :)

stephanie said...

Kate!! I actually cried a little (good tears, of course) when I read this. You're awesome :) Thanks for being along for the ride with me.

Toni said...

Prayers said and fingers and toes crossed until the update on Friday. GOOD LUCK STEPH!!!!!!!!