Wednesday, May 6, 2009

slowest. week. ever.

This week is crawling by as I count the days down to Friday. I decided I'm not going to call the benefits office until after school - if they decide to deny me and I find out at 8am, right as my first class starts, there's no way I'll be able to teach for the rest of the day. I'll just leave right at 3:05, drive my butt home, and call from the comfort [read: privacy] of my own apartment.

Just 43 hours. Or so.


Anya said...

I have been reading about your insurance trouble, and I am very sorry that you still find yourself in a situation, where you are all braced up and ready to go - but there is nowhere to go.

I can only be glad that I live in a country (Denmark), which pays for everything concerning this jaw surgery.

My dentist and the surgeons made an evaluation of all my molds and x-rays and made the conclusion that the operation was necessary for me to improve my bite and jaw. And when this is the case the State covers all expenses.

Is this your last option?

funkyrhodes said...

Hi Steph, I've been meaning to ask about the general attitude of the people you were speaking with. Did they seem sympathetic? Were they even friendly? My fingers are crossed for ya...I'm hoping that they'll least partially help you out.

stephanie said...

Anya, this is my last option to have surgery in July and the the surgeon that works with my orthodontist - and my last option with my employer. I'm not sure of my other options after that, except for paying in cash for the surgery - which we can't afford without considerable debt. So, we'll see.

And George - out of the 6 people, the benefits coordinator asked the most of the questions - and he is a fairly friendly guy. Other than him, only one person really asked a question and made a comment - he commented on how much worse it's getting and seemed sympathetic. One of the remaining people seemed to smile back at me and sympathize, but other than that - they didn't really look at me. They were more looking through my huge packet 'o' papers.

Well, we'll see.... AHH!!!

Anya said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. It's so unfair when something like insurance can prevent people from getting the operations that they need.

Katherine (Kate) said...

Today's a big day. Just letting you know I'm thinking about you *hug*