Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am having major anxiety about the benefits hearing on the 30th. I can't get it out of my head, and the stress is leading to me clenching my jaw, especially at night... which of course makes the jaw pain worse and worse and I've had a constant migraine headache for the past week.

This whole situation is depressing me more and more. I don't understand how it's legal for an insurance company can simply "exclude" a surgery that could be medically necessary - how is that possible?! Why do I have insurance if it doesn't cover everything I need? Is it because of the cosmetic factor? Because I understand that. But I also understand that with sufficient testing and positive results, it should be covered - no questions asked.

Pity poo party time. This just isn't fair.


Katherine (Kate) said...

It's NOT fair, it DOES suck, it makes NO sense... You're allowed to have a pity poo party.

Hang in there, Steph.

nabukay said...

oh no steph hold your head up sweetie you came too far and worked too hard you just have to keep fighting this. besides even if people want to have surgery or braces for 'cosmetic' reasons so what. at the end of the day it improves our quality of life. i used to grin my teeth alot too. i hate what these insurance freaks are making you go through. sending happy positive energy out to you.

HeidiK said...

Hugs and love, llama, as always. Just remember that God has a plan no matter what happens. And if you want a witness there for your hearing (or just moral support) let me know and I'll be there in a flash.

Rita said...

Try not to worry too much. My insurance company went through the loops too, but in the end, they approved the surgery. Think positive and be happy!!!! : )