Thursday, April 2, 2009

orthodontist appointment today

Not really an exciting orthodontist appointment today. I have the exact same configuration, just adjusted with a little more tension on my springs and new rubber bands. I was partly excited (hopefully I will avoid one of my killer post-orthodontist-appointment migraines because they didn't really change much)... but mostly disappointed because SHEESH do I want some of this metal out of my mouth! I have NEVER been a wax user, but as of the major metal additions I have been a real addict to the stuff - and I don't play trumpet or clarinet as much for my kids during class because I hate having wax in while I'm teaching.

Yeah, I'm a diva. So what?

More appointments, though. In the last week of May I have a last-minute checkup appointment to make sure everything's going as planned. Then on June 23rd I get my surgery hooks on - a full week before surgery (blegh), but that was the only date they had open as they go on a vacation right around that time. I also will be getting my impressions taken with the hooks in, which ought to be a BLAST!

My husband's leaving tomorrow morning for his training with the national guard. He'll be gone from anywhere from 9 weeks (if he goes to the first school only) to almost 60 weeks (both schools in a row). Ugh. I still have hope that he'll be home for my surgery, but it is quite bleak.


Katherine (Kate) said...

Sorry you didn't get to lighten your mouth-load at the appointment. Keep chanting "This is the means to an end..." over & over. Ever accidentally blow a chunk of wax through your trumpet? THAT would be hilarious (to the spectator, anyway) :D

Feeling your surgical hook angst. Originally I was getting them on 2 days prior, but His Holiness wants them on for pre-op which means it's been moved to 8 days prior and also get the lovely molds done with them on. 'Twil be an adventure!

Oh poop about hubby being away at just that time. Does he get any say in the matter or is it a "Jump!~How high?" scenario?

ingrid said...

hi! sound like things are a bit frustrating for you right now, but hang in there. the surgery is finally almost here, it'll all be worth it!