Friday, April 24, 2009

another ER visit

What a terrible day. It all started out around 1am puking from a migraine - my splint had fallen out somehow during the night. I tried going back to sleep with a painkiller, puked again, then finally was able to sleep, thinking that once I could get to sleep my migraine would improve. Instead, I woke up and it was worse - so bad that I could barely look at the computer to call in sick, let alone type lesson plans for the day.

After trying to take something for the pain again I started to puke again and I knew it was time for the ER - but I had no clue how to get there without Nick. So I called my mom in Shelton (about an hour drive) at work, and she left work early (7 hours early) and drove up and took me to the ER where I spent a few hours with an IV and shots of painkillers. A 5 hour nap later and I felt pretty good, but what a terrible day. The migraine is still around - never got it below a 2 or 3 out of 10 pain wise, but that's pretty much as good as it gets anymore.



Anonymous said...

I stumbled accross your blog a couple weeks ago and couldnt help but be drawn in. I truly hope that everything works out with your insurance, surgery, and especially the migraines. I have a friend at my work that gets migraines like the ones you are having (though i dont think hers are jaw-related) quite often. She hasnt had them her whole life though, but they started right after she had her son (hes about 20 now). I dont know if this will work for you, but she has said to me that the ONLY thing she has ever tried that has made the slightest difference is Midol. Random, I know, and there are obviously no granatess it will work but I could help but pass on the tip. It might be worth a try? Anyways good luck with everything. I will be sending good vibes your way :)

Ananda Devika said...

Good vibes coming from me too! I'm so sorry that you've having such a difficult time of things - migraines suck! :(

Aimee said...

Awww, you poor thing. I've never had a migraine, but I get really bad sinus headaches. Migraines sound awful. I hope you are feeling better now.

laura said...

This is awful =/ Poor thing!

You're going to do great at the hearing ... not sure what happens there, but if you get to speak, just tell them the truth as plainly and honestly as you can. I can't imagine they'd deny you after hearing your story, unless they're completely heartless.

Mollieb said...


I wanted to share with you, while I did not have much jaw pain, my range of motion would lock up at times and I did get headaches (not migraines) and clench. Since my surgery, my headaches are few and far between, and I no longer have to wear a bite guard at night.

I really hope that your insurance, or school district I guess, approves the surgery. I think it is a shame that this surgery is so often treated as solely cosmetic. While I had mine for mostly cosmetic reasons, it illustrated for me certain pains and discomforts that my jaw was causing, that I was attributing to other things--as it all went away after surgery. So many of these blogs mention people having a hard time getting approval for the surgery, and it just breaks my heart. (It should be classified as a birth defect in my opinion.)
Good luck!

Rachel (Rae) said...

OH GOSH, GIRL!! I am SOOO sorry to hear about this!! And here I am complaining and whining about simple achiness and pain. :( You have it SO MUCH WORSE. I really, truly pray that this surgery gets worked out and it improves your life by 100%. :(

Hope you're feeling better, hun!!

Melinda said...

=( That's rough Stephi. I hope you do get the surgery and soon!!!!