Tuesday, April 28, 2009

almost there...

I'm still waiting for Thursday with no peace. With my skin suddenly breaking out like crazy, this stupid drama with insurance, and the braces, I really fit into the middle school scene this week!

Migraines have been pretty terrible this week - though it still feels so much better than last Friday I feel quite blessed. The ER really did the trick!

The good news? My gaps in my lower arch are pretty much closed now! The right one seems to be permanently closed, but the right one will close tight enough for me to need to actually floss (!!) but then the next night is open and I need the little brush. But it's pretty much there. I still feel like my teeth are tipped on their sides and don't meet at all but I suppose that will be taken care of at my next orthodontist appointment - the end of next month.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers. They are gratefully accepted as I come closer and closer to the appeal hearing. I'll post afterwards with my opinions about it, but will not have an official decision until after May 7th.

Until then...


Rachel (Rae) said...

I loved your comment about really fitting in with the middle schoolers. HA HA..I don't mean to laugh in the midst of your pain, but the way you are dealing with this is so humorous. And I think that's probably the only thing you can do right now to try to dispell the tension you're feeling about everything.

So sorry you're still having migraines, but glad that it IS better than Friday. Just try to relax and realize that your worrying about it won't make the process change at all. I know it's much easier to say than do, but it really WON'T help you at all; in fact, it'll only make you feel worse (by breaking out, having headaches from tension, or what have you)

Also, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but even if you don't get approved by your school district/insurance, there have to be other options. Again, I have no idea what made you move, but remember how your old school's insurance covered the surgery? There could be another school whose insurance does as well, down the road, or any number of things...?? Try to think positively (as I know you are). I'm praying for you!!

funkyrhodes said...
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funkyrhodes said...

I'm pulling for ya, Steph...I hope the High Counsel will have some compassion on your plight and give you the go-ahead!

holski said...

Hey Steph,
Good luck tomorrow. Brennan and I are thinking about you.

Katherine (Kate) said...

Interesting that inspite of everything the teeth remain oblivious to the upheaval and keep moving along on schedule?

Glad the ER visit has brought SOME relief, but won't stop hoping for that good news to bring and END to it!

One more sleep and and that meeting will be over, though I guess the wondering will have to wait a bit longer. Keep hanging, Steph xoxo

ps~ The middle school look,haha, at least it keeps us looking young? Pshhhh~ ya right!

mcgee33 said...

Hi Steph~ Just want you to know I'm praying for you today.

Also just before my surgery I got so anxious I couldn't stand it... like I was about to jump out of a plane without a parachute! God put the Bible verse into my head, "You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid on You." At that point, whenever I got anxious (constantly) I just said, "Jesus!" and he really did calm my nerves! I love that story and just had to share it because it is such a personal story about a personal God.

Here's praying for a perfect outcome and lots of peace for you!