Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh good grief!

I stumped my insurance company.

Today I decided to call the insurance and see if I could work out the "problem" of a medical necessity appeal PRIOR to my school hearing on April 30th. It took a long time to explain what I needed and what my situation was (granted, it's probably pretty odd). She put me on hold for almost 10 minutes when she came back just to "check on me." 5 minutes after that, she told me she had emailed out her question/ my request to a bunch of people and would call me back when they got an answer. She had no idea what to tell me.

Good grief. Hopefully they'll let me go through with it, though! I don't see there being enough time if I'm approved on April 30th (for it to be included in my plan) and then denied by insurance - I would have to go through the entire school process again. I might have time, but it would be too close for comfort.


Rita said...

Insurance is such a pain, but rest assured, it will all work out. Stay positive.

Sharon said...


Remember to stay positive leading up to your surgery date. I was just reading some of your older posts -- trying to get caught up -- and see that you are part of the Yahoo group. I've been a member since 2005 and was obsessed with it up until about 2-3 weeks before my surgery. I then had to stop reading it because I was freaking myself out -- thinking worse case scenario on everything. Well, I'm pleased to report that other than the first week post-surgery and surviving the liquid diet, I haven't had any problems. My pain, swelling and bruising were all minimal in comparison to what I was expecting. I am very pleased at how everything went. Hang in there. Your surgery date will get here before you know it. Sharon

Katherine (Kate) said...

Congrats on the stumpage...Nothing like having to tell a multi-level company how to carry out their own business!

Sorry, that sounds like quite the annoying run-around, and something you'd rather not have to keep explaining ad nauseum. I'd tell you to keep breathing deep but I'm afraid you'll be white-faced & passed out on the floor from all the oxygen their demanding from you ;)

Hang in there, girl, keep stumping them, if for no other reason than to get a "YES!" just so you'll leave them alone.

Here's to answers quick and in your favour *clink*

nabukay said...

hope it works out in time, sending positive energy your way!