Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Week 7 [okay, day 50]

I'm a day late, but it's been a big week for me. I finally did get the haircut and the contacts. I had a fantastic orthodonitst appointment today. I've been knitting up a storm and ignoring the fact that school starts in just two weeks from today. AND, I got a new car today!! (Well, not new - used. An '03 Kia Rio!)

My jaw hurts a lot now from those damned physical therapy exercises - I didn't even do them yesterday because it was bugging me so much. My jaw is also back to clicking and popping, which is a bummer - but still no migraines!! My physical therapy exercises right now are just putting my hands between my upper and lower jaw and forcing my jaw to open wider than it wants to - and hold it for 60 seconds at a time. Then I put pressure on my lower jaw and push it to the right (hold for 60 seconds, switch sides). I measure the progress in popsicle sticks, since a ruler isn't so accurate when done by myself. I range from 7-8 every morning to 10 at night now. I never keep the progress I make during the day, which is really frustrating! (The worst part? Once I can open my mouth wide enough I'm supposed to squish a squash/paddleball in half, stuff it between my teeth, and then release it to stretch the jaw out. OMG!!!)

My teeth still look awesome - so says the orthodontist. They are really pleased with my progress - I get shown off a lot whenever I go in. Today they didn't recognize me at first with the new hair and new face. They are allowing me to leave off the front rubber bands during the day - but I still have to wear the side ones at all times except for when eating. I get a new wire next time - and it's about time! I have annoying gaps forming in between my rear molars - which are really hard to get food out of because my mouth only opens 14mm!! OH! And you know how my teeth are hitting my brackets? It's apparently normal, but not as hard as I'm hitting them. So I have funny little cushions on my bottom brackets now until they can reposition them and put some "bite turbos" on (whatever they are) at my next appointment - Sept. 29th.

I'm chewing a bit. Not a lot. It feels WEIRD, and I don't like it.

I think that's it for week 7 - pictures!! (A disclaimer - I had just ridden in my Miata for the last time, with the top down, right before the day 50 pics... so my cute hair doesn't look so cute). Hah.


Melinda said...

I LOVE the new hair! Do you like your look any better with the new hair?

chris k said...

Way to go Steph! The hair, amazing. I love the makeover. I'll be starting the tongue depressor/popsicle treatment on Monday! can't wait!

changes911 said...

OMG! YOU LOOK SO CUTE! This is like a new you! Contacts, new hair, new face, new car! Tell your husband to watch out! Cause a new one of them is next!!!!!! Hahaha! I'm just kidding! But you DO look CEEEEUTE!!!

sjp said...

love the sassy haircut!

Corey said...

I love the haircut! I'm planning on cutting all of mine off right before surgery. Do you have a facebook? I would love to talk to you about the surgery, mine is in less than 3 weeks :-)
You can find me on facebook here
I would love to be able to chat!

Katherine (Kate) said...

Have to agree with everyone else on the fun new style you're rocking!! SaWEET!

I swear, the best Physical Therapy is yawning and eating, haha, but I'm a wuss so both at least provided motivation/reward of some sort: Eating is obvious, yawning was just something I missed. Hurt like the dickens at first but ROM grew exponentially...

Dude, the lack of migraines has got to be an amazing thing to live with(out). Do you find yourself holding your breath in anticipation or more just liberated? Irregardless, absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!

chris k said...

I know. It's really hard. You have to literally torture yourself. Just remember every bit of that pain means more improvement. So if you go easy on yourself it's actually to your detriment. Try to do just one more stick than you're used to on your last rep of the day. Like, I do 17 (holding for 20 seconds),17,17,17, four times a day. Now that it's getting easier I can do 17,17,17,18. My only goal is to not have to do it any more, however many that takes.
Hang in there and keep pushing! Make it hurt you can do it.