Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Energy! [Day 43]

I don't know what it was today, but I had a little ENERGY! Hurray! I woke up at a semi-decent hour (okay, 9:30am) for my eye exam, then took myself out to breakfast, went knitting for a few hours and finished my first hat, grocery shopped, got an oil change, and worked on cleaning my living room! Now it's 8pm and I'm not a big lump of Stephanie on the chair. I actually came home after knitting because I usually need rest time before doing evening errands or chores - but I didn't need it!


My mom and I were talking today about how obsessive I've become. Usually I don't have much of a one-track mind - I'm pretty scatterbrained. But lately, my thoughts revolve around one of a few things: FOOD, my FACE, and my CHAIR (being tired and waiting to go home to sit in it/ sleep in it). Mostly food.

The things I miss most:
- Straws (still pulling on the stitches - but the stitches are almost gone!)
- Bread / Crackers (oh my GOSH)
- Licking my lips
- Eating at will (not worrying about taking off bands, brushing, rinsing, etc)
- Chewing (of course)
- The letter "F" (not easy to say with these stupid bands)

Things I love:
- Greek yogurt and honey
- Fish and Chips

That's about it :) Great day today, finally! Tomorrow is the 6 week checkup with my surgeon.


Claudia said...

You are amazing! I've been following your blog and you have come such a long way! Way to go!!

Rae said...

Hope your check-up went well, Steph and glad to see you're finally getting some energy!! Sorry I haven't been commenting much, but I HAVE BEEN tracking your journey of recovery when I've had time to check in.

So excited for you about those migraines not happening (except for the one)! Hopefully they're ALL in the past now! It'll be so great when, one day, these days of recovery will be in the past, too!!

Hang in there, girly!! You're a brave, brave girl and you're more than halfway through!! (You've already done ALL your research, gotten the surgery approved, done all your pre-surgery stuff, gone THROUGH the surgery, and gone through some recovery!! You've 'bitten off' a TON out of the surgery process!)

Melinda said...

hahaha...the letter "F" :) Yay for energy!! Hopefully this marks a permanent change in that direction!

Matt said...

Hey Steph, I just started my blog a month ago and I've watching your blog and Chris'. I had upper jaw surgery and they only moved mine 5mm forward and 2mm down. It's been a month since my surgery and I'm pretty much back to normal. I assume you guys had some pretty radical surgery. I don't have physical therapy or anything. The worst part of mine was that I had it done outpatient so I was convinced I was dying because no one was there to tell me that what I was going through was normal. You guys are such an inspiration to others. Good luck!!