Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6 weeks [day 42]

Nothing much is changing - and that includes the face overall and my energy levels. I could still sleep the day away if that were possible - luckily I've got Starbucks to go to and various errands to do with school getting ready to start in 3 weeks. I still spend a lot of time in my chair, knitting the day away and watching Greys Antomy or my random netflix movies. What's bugging me most about the face these days is the darned chubby cheeks! I've lost almost 20 pounds, but my face looks chubbier than ever. Also, the funny CHEESE!! smile is pretty annoying. Or funny, depending on how you look at it.

I have an appointment with my surgeon on Thursday, where she'll give me physical therapy-type exercises. I'm DYING (okay, slight exaggeration) for these front bands to be taken off - for freedom! When they're on I'm pretty much banded shut, just a bit more flexibility. It's a real pain to talk.

Pictures (no real change). I also put in a picture of that crazy clump of stitches that was underneath my nose/ upper lip - everything feels much better now that they're gone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! You're looking great. Hang in there-I know how frusterating it is to still be swollen. I'm almost 3 months post-op and I'm just starting to get to where I think most of the swelling is gone, but I still don't like my smile in pictures...don't know if that's comforting or worse, but just know that what you're feeling is normal and it will get better. :) I really think that it takes the full 6 months to feel like you're completely back to normal. You'll really start to get your energy back soon. Keep your chin up and just remember-you're through the tough part. :) Bless you!


Melissa M. said...

I think you look great!!

And twenty pounds... holy crap! Sweet!

changes911 said...

wow! 20 pounds!!!!! That's crazy! I think you look nice! I've heard the swelling could take up to a year to go down completley. I hope you get your fron tbands off soon!

Melinda Renee said...

You know, your cheekes will only look a little chubby while 1)you're still swollen and 2) you get used to not having your face be so long!

Fear not- Kim will give you an AMAZING haircut that will have you forgetting all about your "chubby cheeks"... which I don't think are chubby at all. :-P