Thursday, August 13, 2009

well, poop [day 44]

Today's appointment sucked a bit.

I don't get to take my front bands off - the orthodontist now controls rubber bands, and I don't see him until the 19th. I don't get to play any instrument (wind OR high string) for a MINIMUM of 6 more weeks. I don't get to chew. I got WICKEDLY PAINFUL physical therapy exercises. I'm apparently behind in the healing process - my opening is only 14mm (compared to 48/50mm pre-surgery). I don't have even enough of an opening to actually start said wickedly painful physical therapy exercises - I just have to stretch my jaw out for an hour a day. AN HOUR.

I mean, it was good to hear everything else is going well. I'm still swollen [it's not just me being crazy]. If I get a sinus infection I'm supposed to call her right away for antibiotics, apprently upper jaw surgery patients are pretty high-risk for infection for the year post surgery.


Melinda said...

Well - sounds like a lot of sad news...but to look on the bright side - you don't really have chubby cheeks!! It's swelling...which when it goes down I think you'll like your new face a lot better :) How do you stretch your jaw out...just sit in front of a mirror and try to open as wide as you can?

Anya said...

Sorry to hear your bad news, Steph. I thought things were moving along for you. Isn't it normal to start chewing after 6 weeks? And 14 mm doesn't sound like much. I hope exercising your jaw will help. Good luck