Monday, December 24, 2007

teeth moving :(

So, the pain from my teeth being extracted is starting to pass (thankfully). My jaw is feeling better. But, my teeth are moving like crazy!!! I'm so frustrated - my second to rear molars are tipping on their sides even worse than before, and my front bottom teeth are moving in what seems to be the wrong direction.

I'm going to call the orthodontist as soon as the new year is over, but it seems like a step backwards. When I get braces in a month, the first few weeks are going to be spent moving the teeth back into their original positions.


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Alli said...

Wow, Stephanie! I found this on your Facebook...I think this is terrific that you're doing something for yourself! I know you will feel great when it's all over, even though it's a hard (and sometimes painful) process.

I have TMJ as well, and my parents/dentist did some experimental procedures when I was four years old...palate widening, etc. I don't remember much of it, but it's really helped. I didn't have to get braces in high school!