Friday, December 21, 2007

teeth extraction

Ugh, what a day yesterday. I went to my teeth cleaning on Wednesday, and they found the beginning of cavities between two different sets of teeth. He said that because my teeth are so crowded, and because they've been moving so much, the enamel is rubbing down and forming cavities. (No wonder I've had so many cavities as an adult, even though I take really good care of my teeth). They had an appointment open for the next day, though, so I was glad I could get it over with right away.

Zoom to following day [yesterday]. My ortho appointment went well, he confirmed everything the oral surgeon said, and said I was fine to get braces on January 21st, unless I didn't have my two teeth pulled by then. I flipped out a little bit (my dentist is really busy and I have a difficult schedule), so my receptionist called to see if I could get in over break. They said that if I could show up at 10am instead of 11:30 (my cavity appointment), I could have it all done at once.

Luckily, Heidi is amazing and gave up our day of Christmas shopping and cookie making and holiday movie watching to take me to the dentist, where we spent 3 and a half hours. Seriously. I was in the chair for most of that time. After one of the most horrific local anesthesia experiences ever (the needles were four inches long, just let me say), they drilled the cavities first, then pulled the two teeth, then filled the cavities. My teeth are so crammed together that it was almost impossible to fill the cavities, and the wedges to hold my teeth apart kept breaking off. Remember, also, that I have TMJ, and by the end of the appointment the pain from my jaw was shooting into my neck and back and right arm. I was numb until around 9pm last night (11 hours!!).

Today, other than speaking ("s" sounds are painful because they send my tongue into my open sockets), my teeth aren't really painful - it's my jaw that's out of control. I can't open my mouth more than about an inch, and that's a stretch. The joints are throbbing, I have a massive headache, ugh. Note to self: know what I'm getting into before I agree to anything like that again. Yikes.


Katherine said...

Oh, Steph that is ALOT for one appointment! I feel your pain & can totally sympathize with both the urge to get it done and over with - let's get this show on the road! - and the jaw issues that follow such extended irritation. That is NO fun.
Hope you can just relax and take it easy for a couple of days to help you recoup. Hot bubble bath, good book and drugs.......Ahhhhhhh! Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

Aimee said...

awww, you poor thing! That does not sound like fun. At least you are done with that and can look forward to the braces. :)

Christi said...

poor steph :( i was blessed with perfect teeth, but it doesn't seem fair that someone so nice has to go through such an ordeal. what is TMJ?

Rainne said...


My hubby has teeth like yours, and someday we will be able to get him the jaw surgery he needs to fix it all...someday.

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