Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well, my jaw is feeling completely better, but on New Year's eve my left socket started hurting pretty badly. The next morning I woke up spitting blood and it hurt even worse than on the day before. It's progressively gotten worse and worse until I finally called my dentist yesterday (I was hoping to make it until my appt. on next Tuesday since he's out of the office and I had to call him at home).

He says he's pretty sure it's dry socket or some kind of infection, prescribed me more pain meds (ugh, I don't like taking them) and some crazy antibiotics.

So, I'm up at 3:30 am because I have to take them every six hours on the dot, and am not allowed to lay down within a half hour of taking them.

At least they haven't made me sick yet.


Shontell said...

Hi there Steph! Congrats to you as well and I too look forward to seeing your amazing results!! ;) Sorry to hear about your infection. Those are never fun!! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thanks for following my blog. I'll link you so that I can follow yours as well!

nabukay said...

hi steph, i also got an infection when i had my extractions but not as bad as that.but the extractions were worse than the braces, seriously. it gets better don't worry. i can't recall my teeth moving much when i had my extractions but they must have been cos i was in alot of pain. well at least you can take consolation in the fact that you will still be in pain but no where near as bad as the extractions with their accompanying infections!