Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm getting my first teeth cleaning in almost three years tomorrow (I love having insurance again!), and I get to meet the dentist that's going to pull my bottom two teeth. He seems nice - he called me personally to confirm my appointment tomorrow - perhaps he realizes how much money he's going to make off me?

And Thursday's the appointment - the final consulatation with my orthodontist before braces!

I keep meaning to get the camera out of Nick's car so I can take my official "before" pictures. I'll make sure to do that this week sometime.


Katherine said...

Hi Steph! How did you make out at the Ortho's yesterday? Isn't paperwork fun? Here's hoping you don't have to do the SARPE seperate, it sounds like they gave you pretty good odds against it.

Best of luck to you on all that's to come!

Aimee said...

Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to stop by and wish you luck on this whole process. I look forward to reading your blog! Happy Holidays!