Thursday, December 13, 2007

final verdict

The final verdict is in.... (drumroll, please?)
  • Bilateral Saggital Osteotomy (lower jaw)
  • Horizontal Maxillary Osteotomy (upper jaw)
  • Segmental Maxillary Osteotomy (upper jaw)
  • Genioplasty Osteotomy (chin)

The surgeon tells me that I had a difficult jaw/face/teeth to work out. There were many options, but the best seems to be they are going to do all of the surgery at once, instead of doing the SARPE. They will try to widen my palate as much as possible with the Damon Braces, and then finish up the job when I go into my jaw surgery. They are pulling two teeth out of my lower jaw for expansion and crowding, and will try to expand that as well with the Damon system.

Worst case scenario? I end up having to have separate surgeries and do the SARPE thing, and they have to also widen my lower jaw during the "main" surgery. She said she was 99.99% sure this wasn't happen.

I should be in braces about a year and a half (which works out perfectly, as I should be getting braces next month and I'll be able to get it during the summer), and then the surgery will happen. Altogether, somewhere around June of 2010 I should be all finished??

I have my final braces "sign-the-paperwork" appointment on Thursday morning.... I'm so excited!

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