Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mark your calendars...

Because I have a DATE! July 3rd, 2009. I have my pre-op appointment on June 25th to do all of the bloodwork, tests, etc.

Now, to just get it paid for. After I got the denial letter, I made a phone call to my insurance company. They told me I needed to go through my surgeon for the appeal. I called my surgeon. They didn't call back. I called my surgeon. They said that I had to go through my human resources department or benefits coordinator - because I could appeal until the cows come home - and medically necessary or not, my plan automatically excludes orthognathic surgery of all kinds.

So, this morning I called my benefits office. THEY told me I have to be denied AGAIN by the insurance company before they become involved. Tomorrow (or tonight if they're open past 5pm) I'll call the insurance company again and tell then what I've been told since our last conversation. What a giant joke.

But I have a DATE!!


V said...

AAARGHHHH!! How exciting! Am very happy for you Steph, everyone tells you the time will fly but believe me, it does!! Only 4 weeks to go til mine!

Good luck wrestling those idiots for the cover... what a nightmare. Am sure it will all work out in the end though!!

Katherine (Kate) said...

July 3, Baby!!! BRING it!!! You have that golden shiney number to circle on your calendar~ Mwah hahahaha!

Freaking frick with the insurance crap~ keep hounding them, lady. Pain in the hiney, oh yeah. Let that magic date be your guide and motivation to keep pushing till they're so sick of you they're begging to cover you, just to make you leave them alone. Strength for your fight darling.

But you have your date!!! Wahooo!!!

phone insurance said...

Good luck wrestling those idiots for the cover.

nabukay said...

wow are you serious? I can remember when you first got them! its so cool to read how everyone is progressing!i hop eit works out with the insurance, sending positive energy your way.