Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new date

I have a new date for surgery. It's now July 1st, as Swedish Medical Center's same day surgery unit is closed on the 3rd. It's pretty much my perfect date in the world - I wanted June 30th or July 1st, and July 1st it IS!

So many appointments to make - I have to have my surgical hooks on before my appointment on June 25. On June 25th I have my records appointment at at 9am, my pre-surgical consultation at 10:15am, my business office appointment at 11am. I also have to make a pre-admissions appointment with Swedish Medical Center. I'm hoping to do that in the afternoon on the 25th, because that way my mom will only have to come up and miss work for one extra day, instead of two.

I'm scheduled to check in at 8:45am on Wednesday the 1st. I can't eat or drink after midnight on the 30th. I have a post-op appointment on July 9th at 1:00pm.

With help from Stephanie (thanks, Stephanie!) I am almost done with my personal statement. I am hoping the letter from my orthodontist will come in the mail... I think that's all I'm waiting for before turning my packet into the school district. I want to get this appeal show on the ROAD. On one hand, I keep telling myself that there is no way they'll see my condition and still deny me, but on the other hand it's so much money I'm worried they won't approve it. 13,000 dollars is a LOT. AND, I'm struggling with whether or not to share that my former insurance (the one most school districts carry as it's the insurance through our union) was going to cover the surgery, no questions asked, at 95%.

I'm going down to talk to them tomorrow at their office tomorrow. Everything seems like it takes so long. Once my forms are all filled in and filed, the "Executive Director" has 15 days to assign a claim review number. This claim review has to be received at least 30 days before a Committee meeting, and if the next meeting is full it could be postponed to another meeting. If I don't attend that meeting I waive the right to initiate a review of the claim at another date. The committee then has 30 days to get a transcribed copy of the meeting. Then (later) the committee votes and within 30 days of THAT they have to notify me of the result. WHOA!

In THAT kind of time-line, surgery is TOMORROW! I'm pretty much freaking out.


Anonymous said...

good luck steph. i admire your tenancity and dedication with this frustrating and infuriating insurance situation. hang in there steph!!!!you are doing the right thing in moving forward with your surgery plans. take care.

Katherine (Kate) said...

Wahoo! Even better! Crazy how many appointments and opportunities to be a human pin cushion there are, No? Time will really FLY sista!

So glad Stephanie was able to give you a hand with getting Insurance stuff together and am I ever pulling for you that this gets approved without all those appeals~ fingers, toes and all other bendy appendages are crossed. :)