Sunday, March 29, 2009

the teefs

The teeth sure are looking good! I thought I'd take some pictures while I was thinking about it (and I'm bored out of my mind stuck at home taking care of the husband in his last week at home - who has the same terrible worst-cold-ever cold that I had last week). So I've been reading some jaw-surgery journals, lurking on the yahoo orthognathic surgery group, and generally freaking myself out about the upcoming surgery. Now that it's almost April, and all of my blog-buddies have surgery dates in the next two months (and I've got one for just 3 months out) I'm getting a little nervous.

Otherwise, my gaps are closing. Now I'm forced to use the small brushes to clean out in there, and soon I will be flossing! I have been thinking a lot about surgery lately, and I don't think I will be needing the lower expansion. I can't believe how much wider my lower palate is now - it's like looking at a different mouth. My top teeth are finally looking straight, though, which is nice - I thought that would never happen!

The overbite is growing at a pretty pace once again. A few days ago I bit down really hard on a piece of bagel and my top teeth came down on my lower braces - whoa! Not only was it painful, I thought that I had bitten off a bracket. But, they are tough as nails and didn't budge a centimeter. Sorry the picture is a bit funky - you can see up my nose and at my glasses! But it shows the overbite in all it's glory. Triple yuck.

And now, my smile! Now, yes, it is marred by a million pounds of steel and titanium and springs and rubber bands, but check out how much wider it is than in the beginning - where there used to be pockets of dark space, now there are TEETH! Yahoo!


nabukay said...

wow the difference in your teeth is amazing! I am totally showing this to my best friend cos her teeth were alot like yours and they are also getting there but the difference in your smile is phenomenal! that's why I'm gonna miss them braces! don't be freaking out about the surgery, Jen was naughty and did that, don't be copying her, lol. just arm yourself with knowledge...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your amazing progress. have you been evaluated for sleep apnea? I ask because narrow jaws and high arched palates are often seen in children and adults with sleep apnea. If you do have apnea, you may want to think about whether your jaws need greater advancement than what your surgeon is currently planning (see, then go to noncpapoptions #24, and read a 3-30-09 entry by dr. kasey Li (he goes by sleepsurgeon). Good luck Steph...I admire and respect your tenacity, and wish you the very best. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Katherine (Kate) said...

But I LIKE looking up your nose, haha!

It's amazing how much has changed in there Steph. So wide, round and even~ Glorious!