Friday, March 27, 2009

oddly enough...

My face is getting thinner. Over the past few months I've wondered about people asking me if I've lost weight. No, not really... But I was checking out my staff photo from the beginning of the year - and while I am relatively the same weight I was then, my face is quite thinner. My cheekbones look different. My face looks... taller, almost?

I'm wondering if maybe my jaw joints are actually moving? This thought scares me and really makes me want to run to the nearest doctor and check out my joints ASAP. Weird. Am I being paranoid? Possibly. More than likely.

No updates on the insurance stuff. I caught the death cold from the Annie production kiddos [I was playing clarinet] and spent the last two weeks barely surviving the combination of migraines, sinus, really high fever, coughing, runny-nosing, et cetera et cetera et cetera (I'm on a musical kick... a gold star to whoever can name THAT musical). And the best part? I have 2 sick days left for the rest of the year, which I am pretty much forced to save for puking migraines. Because while it is possible to teach band and orchestra with a fever and chills and cough and sinus stuff, it is impossible to teach while puking. Lame.

I'm on spring break [can I hear a hallelujah?!] this coming week so I'll get everything taken care of - and at an hour where the customer service people aren't rushing me off the line so they can take care of the next 100 customers on hold.

And speaking of puking migraines, I have an orthodontist adjustment on Thursday (hooray! we can talk about surgery!). I'll post more pictures before then, as my gaps are almost... well, not gaps.


Kristi said...

The King and I! Point for me! Do I get extra points for saying it was Yule Brenner who said it??



stephanie said...

Yayyy, Kristi!! :) Good job!! And yes, you get two gold stars for naming the actor, as well :)