Saturday, February 28, 2009


I hate being such a worrier. I'm calling my surgeon's office on Monday to possibly schedule a date (AHHH!!) and to figure out how we continue with appealing the insurance stuff.

If it were a perfect world, I'll schedule the surgery for June 30. It would be perfect (a good few days after the half marathon, but still in June). It'll be around a week and a half after my last day of school (with kids, anyway... I'll have a few teacher meeting days and clean up my classroom days). But I'll be happy with that first week in July (although, it might mean not scheduling the date until April, argh!). I want a date. I want something to look forward to.

My gaps are closing pretty rapidly. My rear molar has stopped rotating the wrong way. My upper jaw continues to surprise me with how wide it is becoming - my smile is so much nicer already! My next orthodontist appointment isn't until the first week of April during my spring break, and I'm really hoping they take off some of this extra metal on my teeth - I am back to brushing 4 or 5 times a day because no matter what I eat, it sticks in the front teeth in those thin criss-crossed little metal wires - even though I've stopped biting into anything with my front teeth. I'll post pictures soon.

Well, thanks to everyone that voted for my friend Kristin's classroom (if you haven't, see the last entry - voting continues until March 8), and I'm thinking of everyone (especially those of you lucky enough to be getting dates!!).


Stephanie said...

I voted!! ~Steph Miller

nabukay said...

hi steph its so exciting to hear about the progress of your teeth and that you are happy with your smile now. that's really awesome.

Melinda said...

I voted! Let's see that smile!