Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sunshine and straight teeth

It is sunny outside! I went for a nice long run in a t-shirt today with no overjacket, no scarf, no gloves (and didn't get soaked or frozen!)... It was beautiful and very relaxing. Up here in the pacific northwest we tend to lack sunshine, so it's always a great thing to run outside in the spring - tons of other runners are out, people waiting for buses are smiling, and it's a generally positive atmosphere.

My teeth are really moving! My clarinet still feels pretty crooked and just plain off when I play, but it's all worth it -my top braces have been on for almost a year now and my front teeth have continued to be pretty crooked. This is no longer! They are quite straight.

The other amazing braces tidbit this week: My tongue officially fits inside the roof of my mouth. I remember when I first got my initial exam at my orthodontists - he told me that the reason I breathe through my mouth (almost exclusively) is because my tongue has no where to sit up at the top of my mouth, where it's supposed to rest when you breathe through your nose. I have noticed breathing is much easier, and I have started to randomly breathe through my nose! Wahoo! I've spent my entire life trying to stop mouth-breathing - when I was 11, I had my tonsils and adenoids removed, hoping it would help. I got braces as an elementary schooler, a palate expander, headgear, and many sets of complicated rubber bands.

But now it's being fixed! I feel like my mouth has gone from our very first apartment (475 square feet) to our apartment now (950 square feet). I can't wait for after surgery and it moves into a house!!


Sharon said...

I know all about mouth breathing. I did that all 43 years of my life, I think. Then I had my surgery on 1/22/09 and now am learning to breath through my nose. It is wonderful.

I live in Portland and drove to the coast for a few days before heading back to work on Monday. The weather is gorgeous hear too!


Katherine (Kate) said...

That's amazing, Steph! Nothing like THAT kind of encouragement for renewed motivation!

Enjoy the sun :)

Aimee said...

Hi Steph,
Well, I won't be your surgery buddy afterall. I got a surgery date yesterday for April 29th. :) Yay. Thank you for your nice comments. I am so bad at writing back, but I do appreciate it. I need to catch up on everybody's blog - including yours.
Oh and my tongue finally fits in the roof of my mouth! lol

Foxface said...

Mine doesn't - yet - since the blasted expander is still taking up all the new space, but hah! I'm catching up faster than you can say 'rapid palate extension'. Anyway, I'm following your progress and I hope your surgery will go smoothly.