Friday, February 6, 2009

rubber bands

I learned a new lesson. All of that yummy, soft indian food that Nick brought home to comfort me with the major metal mouth was great... but it turned my new rubber bands GREEN. Very bright green. And while normally I wouldn't mind (neither my kids at school nor my husband really cares), I have my annual music education conference in less than a week and just wearing braces is bad enough, let alone wearing braces and stuff that's all nasty looking.

My jaw is intensely sore. I really need to go back into the acupuncturist. It's cramping up like crazy, and sending spasms of pain into my neck. But since it's Friday, I came home early and am able to take my stronger muscle relaxant. Hopefully it'll help.

It's Nicks and my 5th anniversary this weekend, and we're going to a fondue restaurant. It will either be fantastic and easy to eat or terrible and I won't be able to eat anything. Hopefully the former, not the latter.


Katherine (Kate) said...

Congrats on the anniversary!!! I'll be rooting for the former~Yum fondue!

Haha, It seems like there's always a payback for the goodstuff, my swamp-mouthed friend. Is it possible to pop in and have your Ortho switch out your elastics for your conference? If ou beg and plead, maybe something about the state of the universe hanging in the balance of the green mouth?

Either that or cute shoes and eyeshadow to match, and strut in there like it's all on purpose ;)

Kristi said...

Wow, five years already? That's crazy. Congratulations, and have a good time!