Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am not an orthodontist

A few things on this fine freezing evening.

Fondue was AWESOME! I could eat almost everything (and did). What a nice anniversary (I still can't believe we've been married for 5 years...)

I got my nasty green bands changed for the conference this weekend... and then promptly had the opportunity to eat palak paneer again (the dastardly green spinich/cheese indian dish that did me in to begin with). Well, instead of getting the rubber bands green OR skipping one of my favorite dishes, I just took the rubber bands off. It hurt. I had my doubts that the rubber bands were actually doing something, as I don't have gaps up there... but within 10 minutes of having them out I was scrambling to put them back in. I have to remember, I am not an orthodontist.

I have a back tooth that is quickly tipping on it's side. I have been telling myself to not worry about it (after all, I'm not an orthodontist) and to stop being that patient... but who am I kidding? I AM that patient. I'm calling on Monday when I get back from conference. I'd rather be annoying and lame than have my surgery postponed because of one rotated molar.

All the new metal and rubber inside of my face is intensely annoying. My front teeth have somehow shifted, causing me to spend an entire rehearsal thinking my clarinet was crooked and possibly put together wrong. My gaps are closing with a quickness, but causing me to have the bite from HELL. I have migraines most days. I can no longer eat a meal without brushing directly afterwards (the little metal criss-crosses are A+ grade food traps.

I am ready for surgery, already...


funkyrhodes said...

Congrats on 5 years! Obviously, I feel for you with wanting to get this surgery done already.

Fi said...

Hi Steph, just want to say that you are awesome! I found your blog accidentally and was immediately riveted, had to read your entire journey. Best of luck with insurance and for surgery!

Aimee said...

I hear ya! I'm ready too!!
And congrats on your anniversary!

nabukay said...

5 years! yay its nice to hear of people that are happily married. i still maintain that you have come a really long way well done.