Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This week I've had a lot of sensation coming back into my chin. The slight downside currently is that sensation coming back equals a constant 'itching' feeling all over my chin - no matter what I do, it doesn't make it go away at all - I find myself scratching it all the time. But in the long run, wahoo! Feeling! More feeling! It's slow, but 6 months out I'm still seeing major improvements.

6 months out. Crazy. I've been damning the jaw pain and eating what I feel like - I ate an almond, steak, salad, and crispy chips and crackers galore. I also realized that I only chew on the right side of my mouth, and I'm wondering if that's contributing to my lack of range of motion side to side - I can force my jaw a millimeter or two to the right, but not at ALL to the left. So I'm trying to chew with my left side only when I remember.

Quick pity-poo-party: It seems like EVERYONE is either out of braces or about to be out of braces. 6 months (or more?) seems like SO. STINKING. LONG.

Okay, it's over. Wahoo, no migraines STILL! 6 months!

Happy New Year!

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