Monday, January 18, 2010

hopes up

Sad as it might be, the night before every orthodontist appointment I think "Ooh, maybe my teeth are so perfect now he'll take the braces of tomorrow!"


Now, in the real world I know my teeth aren't perfect yet (or even close enough to take the darned things off). My two upper front teeth are different heights and still look a bit crooked, and while my bite is finally meeting in all of the places it's supposed to (my back AND front teeth touch at the same time!) I always meet first on my right side and after a school day where I don't wear my rubber bands I have to shift my bite around to get all of the teeth to meet.

In my dream world, though, these puppies are coming OFF! Hopefully the rubber bands WILL be finally coming off, though(6.5 months later, aye!). I'm going to wheedle and deal and whine and beg - I want to see if the jaw crap really is from the bands, and if not, I want to fix it (and, uh, now).

Much love to all the braces buddies out there. Miss you guys! Someday soon I'll join you in falling off the face of the earth, though! Can't wait!


Jackie said...

I hope you get the bands off at least! I'm with you...ready to get these things off! I over them...that and my chin being numb...I know it has only been a few months but I'm still ready for the feeling to come back. It's getting better...I feel cold in the tissue when I eat cold foods...that's good, right :) I still have about 3 months left.

I can't imagine all that you have been through. You have done amazing and keeping your spirits up too! I pray it won't be much longer for you :) Hope to hear good news from you tomorrow!

Discantus said...

Ha! I know that feeling! Just when you think you're ready for the next stage, your ortho goes and tells you things arn't quite ready. You're thinking 'what can possibly be left to do in there?' Anyway, hope you get some progress news soon.

It is strange how post surgery bloggers suddenly vanish into thin air, with only a token posting or two once recovery is over - I take it as an encouraging sign of how quickly you can get back to 'normal' life once the fun of orthodontistry is over. I for one intend to blog consistantly right through to debracing, as you are, as I think it's really helpful and inspiring for others starting out on the journey - and your blog has certainly done an excellent job of inspiring me :)

Melinda said...

Good luck! I hope they let you take the bands off too!!! And, that they were what was causing the trouble