Thursday, January 7, 2010

bone graft kiddos...

I forgot to post this last time, but I went in for my yearly physical last week and my doctor and I talked a lot about my surgery. When she noticed the scar on my hip I told her about the bone graft and she asked if I had been massaging the incision site. Apparently once the incision site is healed it should be deeply massaged twice a day for the year following the surgery - it will prevent too much scar tissue from forming and improve the muscular function, range of motion, and tissue health/ healing - even though my surgery was 6 months ago it's still healing.

So I started to massage it twice a day and sure enough, it's definitely still healing in there - very tender when I dig my fingers in and massage. I'm already feeling looser in that hip when I run - I've been struggling a little bit as I get my mileage back up I feel like my gait is a bit uneven coming from my right hip.

So, if you have a bone graft from anywhere but your mouth - good to know! :)


Kiwikaren said...

Sounds like great advice Stephanie ... and it's something that you can easily do. Wish I'd known about the massage thing when I had a big stomach/bowel surgery 20+ years ago, coz I have a hard lumpy scar from my breast bone to below my navel.

Good luck with your healing continuing to go well!

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