Wednesday, September 30, 2009

first real adjustment [day 92]

Yesterday's orthodontist appointment was... eventful. Which I am grateful for, because maybe this means I'll have less time in braces, but it meant taking another sick day today to sleep off the pain - it's really, really difficult to talk and eat. But like I said, no pain, no gain!

The downer? 8-9 months in braces left. It's quite odd, as I distinctly remember him giving me 2 and a half years in braces including surgery - but somewhere along the line I got in my head I would be in braces 6 months after surgery. Silly Stephanie, you've got a long time yet. On one hand, of course I'm disappointed. But on the other hand? I'd much rather them stay on longer and have better results than take them off too soon.

The work? Get this. I went in for a simple wire change - one of those 10 minute appointments where it takes longer for the tech to get the doctor over than for anything actually happening. He started poking around my mouth and calling out numbers to the tech, saying they had "changed their mind" and "oh, did I have time?" Of COURSE I have time! :) They removed and re-positioned 10-ish brackets, put bite turbos on the rear front two teeth, took off all that extra metal and extra hooks (YAHOO!!), took a set of x-rays, gave me new wires, and a new rubberband configuration.

Progress pictures are just the front of my teeth today as I can't open enough to get arch pictures. But most of the metal is off - wahoo! Other pictures? The picture of the day [day 92ish] of my face smiling, and then one not smiling - some of you commented that you couldn't see anything 'wrong' with my upper lip and nose, and I think it's much more visible when I'm not smiling. My lips don't touch, and my upper jaw/ upper lip sticks out weirdly.

And finally... my orthodontist took a front x-ray and it's pretty cool. I haven't had much luck wth getting these to post in the past, but here it is!


Melinda Renee said...

It's all about angles, I stand by my idea... and of course your mouth and nose are going to look weird when you're staring into a camera lense that's an arm's length away!!!

Matt said...

They always seem to underestimate the time in braces. I've had braces 4 times and they always go 6 months or more longer. Your bits looks likes it's coming into place nicely.

Jackie said...

Looking great! So have you asked the OS or OD why your lips don't close? It may be that once the OD does all his adjustments it will be fine.

dmichele78 said...

Hi Stephanie, I still think you look great. Hey, my lips don't close either post op. (They did pre-op) I asked the surgeon about it and he blames it on the swelling, but I'm not so sure... He said if they end up not closing he could do an "extension" of my upper lip. Have you heard of this and has your doctor mentioned it?

Melinda said...

Wow, I totally thought you'd have surgery and be done with braces...I was surprised to see you still had them in fact, but I know nothing of this process. :) 8-9 months will fly by though! So that's good news. :)

And I don't feel like I see up your nose in your pictures...though I feel like that happens to me in my pictures ALL the time and hate it. :)

It's funny too...I know you do look different, but I can't remember, I need to see an old pic of Steph to try to put my finger on what's changed. :)

And your lips look nice...the upper lip sticking out is a trout pout right? Totally in right now. ;-)

I just realized these comments pertain to your previous post, but oh well. =)

Jessica said...

Your bits looks likes it's coming into place nicely.

nabukay said...

wow you look so different and i love the hair!!!