Wednesday, September 23, 2009

questions [day 85]

Okay, fellow bloggers. I'm wondering if a few things are normal. Help me out.
  1. Sensitivity to spices (especially cayenne), mint, and cinnamon. I can't even use listerene anymore because it causes the roof of my mouth to burn so badly!
  2. Continued fairly major swelling - especially in my upper lip. I'm noticing that my upper lip seems so much smaller now since surgery - and it comes and goes, but today it's really gone.
  3. Gum and teeth sensitivity in general - where I'm numb it doesn't bother me [of course] but pretty much everywhere in my mouth that's awake is pissed off. My gums ache after flossing, my teeth ache where the rubber bands are, my tongue burns, and my teeth are sensitive to hot and cold and sweet where they never have been before.
  4. Molars not meeting. They're better on one side than the other, but in general my front teeth touch but my back ones don't.

I have really grubby teeth. I want to get my teeth cleaned REALLY terribly - what do you guys think? I'm still sitting at 15 popsicle sticks, so I can't get open very much. But I'd been almost a year without a cleaning prior to surgery because the dentist caused my migraines to go through the roof, and then the whole banded shut thing and, well, you know. I have fuzz. I brush 3 times a day but it comes back so quickly... It's gross.


High Maintenance Mouth said...

I haven't had any trouble with 1, but I totally understand your feelings on 2, 3 & 4. My upper lip seems to have settled down this past week, so I'm hoping it stays that way. My gums and teeth are super duper sensitive and my tongue does the whole burning and then goes numb again. My back molars are not meeting either, so right now they have me wearing the rubberbands on both sides in the very back in hopes of bringing the bite together back there. I haven't noticed any improvement, but now have extra sensitive molars back there, so maybe it's working?? On teeth cleaning, I have a fabulous hygenist, but it still hurt, a lot. I had my surgery in June and then my cleaning was scheduled for the end of July. There was shooting pain in my teeth and gums, lots of bleeding and the throbbing/achiness remained for an extended period despite the many ibuprofens I took. Maybe it was too soon to have them cleaned, but my mouth did feel fresher. :)

sjp said...


Read my post from last night. I just went to the dentist on Monday (I'm about 4 months post-op) and oh boy did it hurt. I am still very sensitive. If you can't open very wide, it may just add to the pain. I'm still sore from my Monday appointment and there is no sign of that dissipating... No matter how gentle the hygienist was, it still felt like needles on my gums. If I were you, I'd wait til your sensitivity goes away a little more.

As for swelling, I still feel like my face is puffy under my cheekbones. Lips are back to normal, and my chin is still "tickly" numb. I have a few numb spots on my gums, too.

Not sure about the molars thing... the rubber bands after surgery brought mine together in about a month. Sounds like an ortho question...

I know what you mean about grubby teeth. The build-up on mine was embarrassing! But it just made my dentist appointment more painful :(

Mollieb said...

To answer some of your questions:

My upper lip seemed smaller too. It's a new face, you have to get to know it all over again. I wouldn't worry too much about your nerve damage as it will take a while to get better. I would guess your various new sensitivities are a result of the trauma your mouth has been through.

I found salt-water rinses helped my mouth feel cleaner. Also, I used a baby toothbrush for months afterward. Since it takes a while to get the ROM back I found that really helped my teeth feel clean.

Finally, I am just about a year out and it has taken most of that year to get my ROM back. At some point, you just kind of turn that corner. Keep working at it, but don't feel frustrated if it doesn't progress as quickly as you think it should.

Matt said...

1)I haven't had a problem with spices.

2) My swelling seems to be gone, I'm 2 months in and I only had upper jaw surgery.

3) My upper gums are numb but the spots that I do feel are pretty sensitive. The spot right behind my upper front teeth is really uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it's because of surgery or because I've burned it on food because I can't feel the hotness of the food. My teeth seem a little sensitive as well, not to heat or cold but when I touch them with a toothpick they hurt.

4) My molars don't touch either, only hitting on front teeth as well. I have rubber bands for that now.

The weirdest thing is that when I take a fast breath through my nose, it feels like air is coming in through my gums right under my nose. I haven't quite figured that one out yet.