Sunday, October 4, 2009

part I... old photos

I'll do a better comparison once our old computer is up and running again (hopefully this month, but God only knows).

Here's the latest photo. Overall, I think this is my new face.

Here are some old photos I've copied off of facebook and the internet that I think emphasize my formerly long and narrow face, overbite, tall gummy smile, or lack of chin.


Maddy1992 said...

Wow. You look awesome, I just read through your blog and am amazed by your results. My surgery is on Wednesday, I will be getting just lower jaw surgery. Any advice?

Melinda Renee said...

I think you look beautiful no matter what your face looks like. :-P

(yes, I worded it that way on purpose, because you know you love me) *big cheesy grin*

Melinda said...

ah hah! See, you DO look different. :) I've been saying that. :)