Monday, June 22, 2009


Does anyone out there (post surgery) have a cool-jaw wrap they'd be willing to sell me? I got my order in from Zip-N-Squeeze today and apparently they are backordered - and it's really a product that I think I need with all of my jaw joint issues causing migraines and stuff.

I'd be willing to pay you the $10.50 for the wrap and all the other fees like the box and shipping and handling... Anyone?


Aimee said...

OMG I could kick myself. I just cleaned out my freezer yesterday and threw away both of my jaw wraps. Ugh. I would have sent them to you, no charge. Darn!!

Anonymous said...

:( I'm so sorry they are backordered. I still use mine almost every night, otherwise, I'd be happy to give it up. I looked online though and found something that might work in it's place.... go to and look under the neck and face wrap section. They have the little gel packs that are the same as the zip & squeeze jaw wrap.

They have some that can be hot or cold...I'd recomend those because your OS will probably want you to switch to moist heat about a week after surgery.

I sure hope this helps and that you are able to get something. The hospital will send you home with the ice packs that they have you wearing while you are there, but they aren't very comfortable.

Jaw Surgery Brandon said...

I feel just like Aimee, I literally threw mine away less than 2 weeks ago, when I was cleaning out a closet.

Before I got one though, I used a long knee-high sock which worked pretty well with ice in it, then could tie it all the way around my head.

Good Luck!

Katherine (Kate) said...

Blast, and I'm in Canada, so there's NOOOOO way mine would ever get to you in time. Brandon's idea is a pretty good one, it you've been unsuccessful with the hunt. (Or ask your surgeon if he has sources. That's where I got mine)

Dude, I can't believe after all the nonsense, rigamaroll, migraines and the other miscellaneous crud to fill in the gaps, there's 5 SLEEPS TILL SURGERY! How cool is that?! Oh SO happy you've not got to wait much longer :)

How's the nerves? Or have you been too busy to think about it? (In which case I am now a huge tool for mentioning it...)