Monday, June 22, 2009

countdown pt. II

Just over a month ago I was in love with my countdown clock - I spent a good minute watching the seconds tick by towards my paid-for-mostly-in-full surgery.

But now? It kind of seems like that clock is laughing at me, reminding me of all of the million things I have to do before I'll be ready. (As if I could be actually ready for this). But the migraines aren't stopping - though the new anti-nausea medication actually stops them in their tracks - so there's no way I'm stopping now.

This week is a busy one - today is shopping and brainstorming soups with my amazing mother-in-law, tomorrow is helping my friend in her classroom and getting hooks on at Dr. Molen's office, Wednesday is the husband's birthday and I work at Starbucks, Thursday pre-op appointment with Dr. Lee and I'm picking up my marathon packet in Seattle, and Saturday is the half-marathon. So pretty much between now and my "last meal" event at my favorite brew pub, I've got 3 days to myself.

It's all coming so quickly.


Shontelly said...

At least the staying busy part helps keep your mind off of things. I'm so excited for you!!

sjp said...

The time will pass quickly! Enjoy eating and talking, and get excited for your new bite =)

Lindz said...

Hi Stephanie, I found you blog looking for orthognathic blogs. I have my surgery on Wednesday so I was totally there just last week, although my week managed to pass by with me picking up a cold along the way so I hope things go smoothly for you with your 8 days left. Good luck!!

Kristi said...

"favorite brew pub"

Would that be the Fishbowl in Olympia? I miss it lots!

I'm glad things are working out for your surgery and that it's happening soon! Can't wait to see the "after pictures"!