Tuesday, May 26, 2009

orthodontist today

It was an uneventful orthodontist appointment today. I did lose the springs on bottom, and while I never thought I'd say this - my braces feel so small now! Playing the clarinet will be much more comfortable now (and my insane wax usage ought to level off). I'm in the same wire as I have been for the past few adjustments, and it'll be the wire I have surgery in.

He did mention that when he emailed Dr. Lee she wasn't specific in fixing the height of my bite (ie the gummy smile thing). He told me to make sure to remind her of this in our pre-surgical appointment (although, this seems WAY too close to my actual surgery... yikes). I must remember to ask her about this, though, as it's pretty important to me. I figure if I'm going through all of the dual jaw surgery thing, I might as well come out with a nice smile.

Anyway, pictures finally: Check out the [lack of] gaps on the bottom!


Katherine (Kate) said...

Uneventful? Losing that extra hardwear hardly sounds uneventful!! And those teeth...with no gaps.... YAYYYYYY!!!!!

It's never too close to ask ;) I swear they don't think seriously about it until they're doing the practice surgery the day or two before anyways. I mean, they have their game plan, for sure, but specifics are nailed down at the end. You're all over it :)

Connor said...

What an exciting and anxious time for you. I am getting ready to just start my process. I don't have my braces on yet, but when I met with the OS he said he would have to move my lower jaw forward 11mm. That is a big number and it freaks me out. Do you mind if I ask how far yours would have to be moved? It would make me feel much better to know there is someone else out there similar to me. Thanks so much. June

stephanie said...

Kate - that's true! The lack of that extra metal in my mouth is bliss!! And that's probably true about the surgery... she does so many, I guess if she did anyone too far in advance she wouldn't remember it anyway!

June, I totally don't mind you asking, but I don't know yet. When I first saw my OS my overbite wasn't even showing - if you look at my original x-rays, it doesn't look like I have an overbite at all. Now, whoa! So when I asked her originally, she said they would have to wait and see right before the surgery - it's on my list to ask her on my pre-surg appointment, however, and I will gladly share that information :)

changes911 said...

34 more days!!!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Yay! Your teeth totally look so straight! In fact...straighter than mine! :)