Wednesday, August 27, 2008

okay, freak out now.

None of the available insurance plans cover orthognathic surgery except for in extreme cases. I can go through a lengthy appeal process with my school district, but even then I'm not sure what my chances are about getting it approved.

So.... a lot of random crying going on. I think I'll just have to have my orthodontist put me back together again, fix my bite as much as possible, and remove the braces - I can't afford this surgery without insurance, and I can't afford to have my bite get any worse. I have shooting pains in my jaws all the time now, and I'm getting migraines every other day or so.

And it's considered "cosmetic." What a bunch of shit.


Ananda Devika said...

I am so sorry, hon. I hope those jerks realize that this is an extreme case - you're in pain! I hate insurance.... :(

Anonymous said...

Double crap. This whole medical insurance bullshit is unbelievable. Have you found out what they mean by 'extreme cases'?


Katherine said...

Oh Steph, I can't believe this! It is a massive crock of shit....and then some.

You're under an incredibly crazy amount of stress right now, what with school, moving, ongoing mouth crap etc etc...

I cannot fathom the pressure you're under right now, but could I be so bold as to offer a suggestion:


And do NOTHING but this until school starts and a routine is established in that regard... It is way too hard to make a fair decison when so many different burdens are piling on top of you. This can't be helping with the headaches, either.

After catching a breath and the (very much within your rights) pissed off cooling down phase settles, might it be worth looking into options?

Is there a liason within the district who could guide you through what an appeal proccess might consume?

Or could you consult with an ortho or surgeon within this area who could offer suggestions in this regard? ( I KNOW you love your surgeon & ortho right now....heck, ask them for opinions as well as to how best bolster your case. Not saying you switch with that right now, but local ortho docs (maybe) would be more used to local insurance proccess...maybe?).

but first....BREATHE.

Not a fun decision which ever way things progress, but hope you can find some peace over how this is to play.

*HUGE hug* and will be thinking of you lots :(

TAD said...

Appeal... Appeal...and Appeal some more. They will give in. Plus have your Doctors write more letters on your behalf saying how needed this procedure is. :) Hang in there don't give up!