Thursday, December 10, 2009

why I teach middle school

I LOVE middle schoolers. They say the funniest things.

This girl in one of my last classes at the end of a very long day says to me "So... Mrs. Sheppard" in a very serious voice.


"Do you like Twilight?"

... pause... "Well, yes, I enjoyed the books. I read them. I didn't enjoy the first movie as much. Wait, why?"

"'Cause those things in your mouth make you look like a vampire."

(Cracking up inside) "Oh yeah, that's why I wear them."

Girl tilts head "REALLY!?!"


Katherine (Kate) said...

We are failing at passing on the fine art of sarcasm to our youngsters~ *gasp* lol :)

Ananda Devika said...

Oh, those kids... ;)

Kelly said...

haha! Kids, I swear.. My sister teaches first grade and she always says kids are completely 100% honest. They'll say things to her like "Man, why does your hair look so bad today?", but then they'll also tell her almost every day that she looks so pretty and they love her. She always comes home with the greatest stories. At least a lot better than my accounting stories, anyway. lol!!