Thursday, December 3, 2009

thank you, fish sticks

Since surgery, there are a lot of foods I just can't quite stand any longer. Ensure, Muscle Milk, and Slim Fast all make me gag even thinking about drinking them. I'm not in the mood for any kind of tomato soup, smoothies, even ice cream and frozen yougurt isn't all that appealing any more. I don't enjoy Gatorade as much, either.

In the weeks following surgery once I was cleared for soft foods (if you remember) I "ate" a lot of fish sticks and potato wedges (er, mashed them up with a lot of tarter sauce and swallowed them whole). It was one of my favorite meals for probably a month. Well, like everything else, I became tired of fish sticks.

Tonight I was in the Metropolitan Market where they sell my tasty fish sticks (not the cheap, nasty ones - they're actually real fish!)... and lo and behold, I kind of felt like eating them!

And you know what? I can eat them now! We're talking, pick up the fish stick in the hand, dip it in the sauce, and take a big bite - and then CHEW them! It was pure heaven. The entire time I was thinking about those first few weeks of eating solid food and how terrible everything was.

Despite all of my continued painful and long healing process, I really have come a long way. What a nice reminder. Thank you, fish sticks.


Kiwikaren said...

You have progressed so far ... I know at times it has been slow and frustrating, but your sense of spirit always comes back and I'm sure it'll always see you through!

Fantastic that you had so much fun eating the 'good' fish sticks!

PS ... I'd love the recipe for the pumpkin cupcakes ... they sound delicious!

Claudia said...

I love this! It's the little things in life that sometimes make you realize how lucky we are! I bet it was an amazing feeling!