Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tired of braces

I've been really tired of my braces lately. I'm ticked off that I can't eat all of the yummy holiday candy (between the jaw and the braces, I seem to be out of luck for most of my favorites), I am beyond tired of brushing my teeth, I am sick of fishing out food for hours every time I decide to be brave and bite into something head on, and I am for some reason developing more and more little ulcers in my mouth.

For a while the braces didn't bother me - in fact, for a good six months I barely noticed they were there! But suddenly, in the past month they feel huge in my mouth - almost like when I first got them on. No real pain coming from my teeth, but my lips don't seem to fit around them as well as they used to. And combined with all these random sores inside of my mouth, it's really annoying!!

And I'll probably be in braces for the next Christmas season as well. Sucky.


Katherine (Kate) said...

I think in the beginning we're soo excited over what the braces arer bringing that it makes most things more bearable, but then you just want it over already, as it IS a pain in the rump that just never seems to end. Hard to say" just ignore 'em" when you're uncomfortable, though, isn't it? Poopy. Hopefully the tides will turn ~to indifference if nothing else~ and time will slip on by once again. =)

Really does suck that you've been plagued with nonstop um, crap, in the pain area, and you're probably sick to death of trying so many different ways to make it go away, but can I suggest one more thing to try, at least where the ulcers are concerned?

Vitamin C & B, baby. Lots of it. C is awesome for fighting infections of any kind and a good B multivitamin is my favourite for making sure all things immune related are up to snuff (it's great for mood & energy supprt, too, and doesn't break the bank). The best part is how pretty it makes your pee, Heehee!

Seriously, I don't know if you're already taking them, in which case I'm stumped, but I swear by them, and drinking tons of water to keep everything in your mouth lubricated. Some people's spit ph is more naturally acidic and irritates the tissues in your mouth, making you more suceptable to sores. (My BF in highschool had braces and was ALWAYS getting coldsores and mouth ulcers~ the vitamins and water (and salt-water swish, of course, a saving grace)

Worth a shot, anyways. Hang in there, And hopefully everything will shift again and let your lips go back to a more comfy spot.

In spite of it all, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a break from the 'youngsters' can't hurt =)

holski said...

Aw Steph, that sucks. They are such a pain sometimes.

After surgery, I had some mouth sores and used a GUM product called Aloclair. It helped a bit to numb the pain.

I know it feels like an eternity, but you will get through this... you're such a trooper!

laura said...

No kidding, I'm sick of the little buggers too. And my Dad sent an Xmas basket via Amazon.com, but all the food was hard stuff, like toffees and chocolate almonds. LOL

Going to suck the chocolate off an almond now.

Anya said...

I can totally relate to the way you feel. I have had my braces for 225 days, and I also feel that eating is becoming a tiresome task. There is a lot of my favorite foods that I can't eat anymore. I miss feeling my teeth.

I guess there is nothing left to do, but be hopeful that at the end of all this, things will get better.