Friday, November 14, 2008

more mirgaine fun!

I ended up in the Urgent Care on Thursday because the migraine had surpassed all migraines before it. It actually ran out of room to inflict pain on my [normal] left side, and began aching and pulling on the right. I couldn't hold food down, I couldn't see straight, I was sleeping for the entire day (we're talking, I'd wake up, moan, turn, cry a little bit, and finally fall asleep because the pain was so bad I couldn't see myself getting out of bed).

At the urgent care, they gave me an anti-nausea shot in the hip and a hardcore painkiller shot in the hip, along with some prescriptions to try for the jaw (a muscle relaxant for at night, a painkiller for the day, and a super-pain-killer for days like the last few). Hopefully something works!

I missed 3 days of school. Unheard of.

Acupuncture today with a crazy needle configuration on my left side (the ouchy migraine jaw pain side).... I again feel less tension already. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be pain free for a while!

He says that a week between visits is optimal. I'm seeing him again next Friday. Hopefully no record-breaking migraines before then.


laura said...

Wow. That's awful. Do they know it's the muscle tension that causes it or are they just trying to figure that out?

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. You'd think the doctor or ortho could do something about it. Banding at night to stabilize your jaw or something?

laura said...

btw, I know nothing about acupuncture, but the trigger point therapy people (and perhaps acupuncture also works with trigger points) say that the symptoms get worse for a while when you first start treatment. Perhaps it's similar.

Rainne said...

Did the meds they gave you help? I am so sorry you're having to go through this!

stephanie said...

They don't know... it's just that I'm beginning to have two kinds of migraines - one that stems from my jaw (my jaw gets stiff, then begins to ache, then it travels up into my head and gives me a migraine). These migraines don't respond to my normal migraine medication or anything. They seem to come and go randomly, no matter what I take for the pain, etc.

The other kind of migraine (hormonal, mostly) come on with an aura, I can sense them coming, take my prescription or my migraine spray and can stem it off. If it becomes a migraine, I can fend it off with medication.

The urgent care doc wants me to see a physician about this, so I'm going in. I have hope for acupuncture, but I can't be missing work all of the time.

I had not heard that the symptoms temporarily get worse, but I did hear with acupuncture that the relief takes a length of time going - at least, long lasting relief. I'm not giving up yet!

Katherine said...

Oh. my goodness that just doesn't seem right. I can't believe you're having that kind of's hard enough. I hope your doc is able to at least provide you with something effective to get a handle on thie new 'breed' of migraine. Man, so sorry Steph.

Is work being cool with missing school?

stephanie said...

At this point, they are because I still have sick days left - I'm not sure what happens when I continue to get migraines and have no sick days left.

Foxface said...

I hope it gets better after surgery. The acupuncture idea is interesting - I heard it's a pretty good option for pain patients if normal pain killers or removing the real cause of the symptoms don't help. Hope you get well soon. I'm following your progress, but you've got a head start of nearly a year. :)

laura said...

I left a comment the other day but it got eaten =(

It seems like migraines and stuff would happen quite a bit when people get braces and start making changes to their mouth, so hopefully the doctor has a solution.

Let me know how the acupunture goes. I'm thinking of trying it for back and shoulder pain. The chiropractor keeps it mostly at bay, but I can tell the problem is still there, and am not sure what else to try.