Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I hate to get ahead of myself....

... but my jaw was not especially sore today, nor did I have a headache! Usually Tuesdays are my worst days for jaw pain and headaches due to my 2 hour rehearsals on my clarinet on Monday nights.

The funny thing now? I don't know what is actually giving me relief. I didn't play as much as usual last night (nightmares of migraines), I am trying acupuncture, I have those new muscle relaxers AND new day-time pain medications (sodium naproxen).

Still, I have a glimmer of hope [again]. Hopefully it's not a fluke this time.


holski said...

mmmm naproxen... my favorite post jaw surgery medication!

Congrats on less pain today. I can't wait for you to have surgery and hopefully rid yourself of stupid pain forever! =)

laura said...

Yay! Fingers crossed x many that this lasts.