Thursday, November 6, 2008

great news! (maybe)

Over the past few months Nick (the husband) has been getting lots of conflicting information about his school dates for the Natl Guard. At first it looked like he would leave in January and not really come back until both schools were finished (which would total a bit over a year).

NOW, we have a tentative date from early February to July 2nd! If I scheduled my surgery for the 5th or 6th, I could have Nick take care of me instead of my mom! I hate having to make my mom take time off of work - plus it's a hassle for my brother Jake at home, who'd have to take care of things while Mom is gone. (Did I mention how grateful I am to have people to take care of me?)

I'm REALLY crossing my fingers. The problem is, is it's the army. And the army is full of schedule changes and setbacks. Since I'm not scheduling my surgery until March, we'll know whether or not he is gone and when he'll be back.


Katherine said...

It's hard trying to plan around 'pie-in-the-sky' dates out there somewhere in the great blue yonder with surgery(okay I'm done with cliches now!), but adding to it the same with army schedules? Sheesh! ( Sounds like the Canadian army. My little bro has been in it for 10 years and everything from basic training, ongoing courses and deployments are forever getting set back...)

Hope the tentative dates you've been given are pretty darn close to how things play out, so things fall into place. It's Awesome to have people willing to help out, and I hear you on not wanting to make things a huge hassle :)

Good luck with acupuncture this afternoon!!! Fingers crossed this does the trick :)

laura said...

Fingers firmly crossed for all your dates!

Rainne said...

How did the acupuncture work out?