Wednesday, October 22, 2008

jaw pain

The pain from my jaw has been continuing to worsen over time. I'm keeping daily track of it in a notebook (hoping to build evidence for the appeal process). In the last 30 days, I have only had two days where the pain has been a 3 or less (on a scale of 1-10). I've had 18 days where the pain has been a 6 or more. We're talking, some days I can't chew food. I can't open my mouth (or close it once it's finally open). I've had 12 migraines.

At some point, if this continues, it won't bother me at all to be on a no-chew diet. I'm getting closer and closer every day.

This sucks.

Oh! But good news! In an update from my school district (insurance provider), they have decided to cut the UHC plan completely and to offer a less-expensive, more basic plan from the "good" insurance company that I have to go with to possibly cover my surgery/surgeon. I don't know how much it will cost yet (in fact, they're re-evaluating all costs before open enrollment starts next month), but it gives me a shimmer of hope. Hurray!


Katherine said...

That is insane, and NO fun to live with. Something about that level of constant discomfort in your face that makes it pretty darn hard to be distracted form,too. What happened to your pal the splint?

As I read through your (and others...Laura comes to mind especially, right now) experiences with the added stresses of insurance, I feel so bad taking our healthcare for granted. It might not be perfect (what system is without it's flaws and trust me, ours has 'em) but I am in awe of the addition stress and constant fighting you guys have with getting insurance to look after something so viatlly important to your health. Blows my flippin' mind.

Good to hear you're still around. I was just coming to drop a "hey~ Whassup?" on your blog :)

Sure hope you're able to find some relief, Steph, and will keep hoping something gives for you on both the pain and 'pain-in-the-a$$' fronts.

laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your painful mouth =( Isn't there anything that can be done before the surgery? I bet it'll work in your favor as far as the insurance goes though, so that's one good thing at least. Hang in there.

Hooray about the new plan!

Katherine: I would so rather be dealing with the government for healthcare. The Canadian and NZ systems are so much more humane. If people here could just experience the difference, I think the US system would've been reformed long ago.

nabukay said...

ouch sorry about that pain Steph I can totally relate! chronic pain is hard on your emotions but you are so brave. will def be thinking of you and Laura especially with this insurance challenge.

Mollieb said...

Good Luck with everything. I know it seems like eons away, but it will be here before you know it! I hope everything works out with the insurance. Do you think a physical therapist could give you some exercises to help with the migraines?